Christian Walter
  •  What do you do at Delphi?

I am a passionate HR consultant. I work with the Delphi team to find each client the kind of applicants who will grow sustainably and successfully with his company. In my role as managing director at the Delphi Group, I am always trying to figure out if there is a slightly better way to do things. This also touches on lean management, business intelligence and, of course, digitization.

  • What about your work inspires you?

Being able to collaborate actively in a setting shaped by market shifts, technological advances, increasing globalization and many other forces, talking with leadership and experts about it, and partnering with the client on assignments to select the "right" people for the position to be filled - what could be more of a motivator?! I have the good fortune of having a job that has always been fun for me.

  • How do you balance your life with Delphi?

I put my family first, of course (though that doesn't always happen). Given all the thinking and listening that I do, getting in a workout outdoors is important to me. Just now that means primarily sailing and cycling. When my schedule allows and the weather cooperates, I also like to cycle between home and my office. It's not only fun, it's a good use of time and allows me to train.

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